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NGMS is often used a building block in a greater custom streaming solution. You may have to build functionality around NGMS tailored to your precise solution requirements.

We are here to help and guide you through it.


NGMS Integration

NGMS is a powerful and versatile media server capable of providing many media processing functions required to deploy a video streaming or video calling solution. As an enabling technology, NGMS is typically used as a primary media component within a greater streaming architecture.

We understand that you may need to build custom software to integrate with the specific requirements of your deployment. We are here to help and guide you through it.

Evaluation License

You can download the free Nex Gen Media Server Lite (NGMS-Lite) or you can request an evaluation license for the full version of NGMS.

The NGMS streaming library includes all features of the NGMS streaming server and is available for direct integration by your development team.

NGMS streaming library is packaged as a dynamic library (.so, .dll) and can be directly integrated into your proprietary application.

NGMS Scripting

NGMS can be utilized from the command line to process a single streaming task, such as transcoding and reformatting one or more live video streams. Such a task is typically performed from a wrapper script. Some exapmles can be found on the Knowledge Base.