Nex Gen Media Server - Live Video Anywhere     

The NGMS Streaming Library can be directly integrated into your application.

The functionality of NGMS is packaged as a small-footprint shared library capable of running on smart phones, set-top boxes, Linux, Windows, Macs.

With NGMS you can fulfill all media streaming, transport, and encoding duties to easily build video media and telephony applications.



NGMSe Library Integration

The NGMS streaming library includes all features of the NGMS streaming server and is available for direct integration by your development team.

NGMS is packaged as a dynamic library (.so, .dll) and can be directly integrated into your proprietary application.

NGMS makes it practical and easy to include support for network streaming and real-time encoding into your application.

  • Can be used to provide integrated real-time streaming services for your proprietary application.
  • Uses simple API for interfacing with input video framebuffer and audio mic source
  • Uses simple API for interfacing with output video framebuffer and local speakers
  • Fully configurable and tunable during startup and runtime


The NGMS streaming library is implemented in C for portability and has a small foot-print. It is available for Linux, Windows, Mac and can run on Intel and ARM processors. It can be utilized in embedded environments such as mobile devices and set-top boxes.