Nex Gen Media Server - Live Video Anywhere     

Nex Gen Media Server (NGMS) is built with real-time transcoding support from the ground up.

Able to create multiple output representations ranging from High-Def to low bandwidth video for mobile applications.

Dynamically adapt encoder settings such as output bitrate to changing network conditions.



Realtime Transcoding

Our powerful streaming software features fully configurable control over encoding and decoding properties. Capable of simultaneously delivering high quality live video suitable for High-Def TV broadcasts to low bitrate output for cellular networks.

NGMS is able to handle the many nuances and format disparities of different originating video and audio bitstreams to deliver robust quality video. Produce minimal latency streaming for interactive applications such as real-time video chat.


Codec Support

The NGMS transcoder API makes it possible to support any media encoder and decoder. A codec implementation can be linked statically, dynamically, or can even utilize IPC and exist in a completely separate process space.

Refer to the Technical Specs for a complete list of supported codecs.


Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Transform a single media stream into multiple encoded representations to offer an adaptive bitrate streaming solution. Clients which support Adaptive Bitrate streaming protocols such as HTTP Live or MPEG-DASH compatible devices are able to automatically select the best suitable media quality representation for the given network conditions.

NGMS exposes an HTTP / HTTPS (SSL) REST configuration API which allows for dynamic on-the-fly encoder re-configuration. This allows dynamic updates to encoder parameters such as output bitrate, frame rate, GOP sizes, IDR, and other supported encoding properties.