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Nex Gen Video Conferencing Exchange (NGVX) Frequently Asked Questions

How are NGVX and NGMS related

NGVX and NGMS are distinct components providing video conferencing services. NGVX is the SIP messaging handler which acts as the conference controller and application logic store. NGMS is a dedicated media stream processor which does directly interact signalling plane. Both services are required to provide SIP based video calling and conferencing.

Is NGVX Open Source Software

NGVX is implemented in Java and the full source is available to you. You may download the source to NGVX when you download the NGVX binary distribution. The NGVX Javadoc API Reference is available online.

Is NGVX Free Software

Since NGVX requires NGMS to operate, you may be bound by the licensing terms of NGMS.

Nex Gen Media Server Lite (NGMS-Lite) is available for free. The full version of Nex Gen Media Server (NGMS) may be available at no cost for educational, or non-commercial use. For licensing information email

How does NGVX relate to Mobicents

The NGVX Java component is leverages the Mobicents SIP Servlets JSLEE 1.1 (JSR 240) framework using the JAIN-SIP-1.2 (JSR-32) NIST SIP stack. SIP message processing runs within the context of a Tomcat or JBoss servlet. All media related processing is performed independently of any Java applications.

Can I run NGVX on Windows

Technically yes but unfortunately we do not officially support windows as a platform for NGVX or NGMS.

Have any questions

If you have any specific questions about NGVX or NGMS please feel free to use our contact page.