Nex Gen Media Server - Live Video Anywhere     

WebRTC allows voice, video, and data communications to happen natively from the browser.

Nex Gen Video Conferencing Exchange (NGVX) opens up many new opportunities and use-cases for WebRTC based applications and solutions.


Live Video Sharing

With NGVX you can use the native WebRTC client to stream a live event right from your desktop. When you connect WebRTC to the NGVX Conferencing server you have the option of sharing your live stream with any device by simply publishing a web link.

Your live stream can be viewed from devices such as iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, Flash player, to name a few. Invite anyone to view your live stream from anywhere without having to download and install any client-side app. Nex Gen Media Server takes care of publishing your stream.

Event Recording

You have the option of recording any video you stream to NGVX for future viewing. NGVX uses the Nex Gen Media Web Portal (NGMP) to automatically thumbnail and store your videos into a digital archive. You can then browse and search your media gallery and watch any recorded video on-demand at a later time.

Call any SIP phone

NGVX operates like a media gateway enabling you to connect any SIP phone, regardless if it provides audio-only or audio-and-video capabilities. NGVX acts as a media gateway bridging protocol mis-matches and incompatibilities.

Video Conferencing

Connect WebRTC to a video conference with other WebRTC clients and any other SIP capable video clients. Create a conference which can scale by utilizing NGVX as an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) terminating all client media connections.

Develop your custom application

NGVX opens up the realm of possibilities to create your own custom application or solution using WebRTC as a client platform. Our software serves as an enabling technology to bridge the gaps of real-time communciation and video sharing.