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Quick start installation guide for Nex Gen Media Server.


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Installing Nex Gen Media Server (NGMS)


You can download an evaulation copy of NGMS by filling out the request form on the download page. After having obtained the archive, unpack it to a directory of your choosing on your system. In this example we use the path ~/ngb.

mkdir ~/ngb
tar -xzvf ngms_linux_x86_32_v1.7.0.tar.gz -C ~/ngb
cd ~/ngb/ngms


Create a license request according to the directions found at licensing.php#key

./bin/ngms --licgen

Copy the generated license key request text and email it to

You will receive the license key as a file license.dat. Copy the license key file into the etc directory of your NGMS installation path, such as: ~/ngb/ngms/etc/license.dat

Verify your license file by running the command

./bin/ngms --liccheck

Reading license from etc/license.dat
License: etc/license.dat (expires: 11:33:22 UTC 01/16/2014) 


You may also download the third-party transcoder add-on libraries package from the link found in the NGMS Media Server Download email. Simply unpack the archive into the same path where you unpacked the NGMS archive.

tar -xzvf ngmsthirdparty_linux_x86_32_v1.7.0.tar.gz -C ~/ngb



For details on installing and using NGVX view the guide for Installing Nex Gen Video Conferencing Exchange (NGVX).







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